Where are you houses manufactured?
All our Home Idea Italia production is made in ITALY exactly in the Industrial area of Lecce.

Where do you recommend to place your wooden houses?
We recommend on a rigid flat base

What maintenance do the wooden houses need?
As recommended also in the product page, they must be treated with primer, the floor with liquid membrane, so that it is protected from moisture and water. Then, the treatment is usually done after at least 3/4 years.

Are screws included in your kits?
Of course, screws and hardware are always included.

Do you do the assembly?
No, our products are in assembly kit and include hardware, screws and assembly sheet.
In addition, one of our technicians is at your disposal for any doubts about assembling from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18 (phone, email or WhatsApp).

What do I need to assemble your wooden house?
2 people, 1 screwdriver, 1 hammer drill (for versions without floor), 1 level.
If you have purchased the liquid membrane, you also need 1 brush, and for the primer 1 sponge and another brush.

What does the size I see (for example, 222x218) refer to?
It refers to the maximum size or roof size as indicated in the product. The useful basic inner size is indicated always in the product page. Furthermore, The first size in the houses with double slope is always the front, that is 222, while the length is 318.

Do you have wooden houses with thicker matchboards?
NO, we don't. We have only 20 mm matchboards + 30x30 mm frame with panels assembly.

Do you have blockhouses?
NO, we don't. We have only wooden houses in panels, which are considerably easier to assemble.

Is it possible to have wooden houses with straight or opening roof?

Is it possible to have different sizes from those in the catalog?
We have over 60 sizes in production. We always try to place near the size that the customer requires and the standard one in order to contain costs. However, it is possible to contact our technical office and request a quote (click on Send an email, select Technical Office from the drop down menu)

The wooden house will be assembled on a concrete floor. Do you recommend me the liquid membrane?
Yes, we do. We recommend to spread exclusively under our wooden floor, so that the wood is protected from water and moisture.

Are your wooden houses habitable?
No, they aren't. All our models are exclusively garden houses.

What authorizations are needed to install a wooden house?
The regulations change from town to town. We recommend to contact the technical office of your town and ask information about the documentation necessary for the installation of the wooden house of the size you need.

Is it possible to have the house higher?
Of course, you can choose (with a supplement) also 2.15 or 2.30 m in addition to the model with minimum height of 1.90 m.

Is it possible to have a floor plan of the houses?
It is available only for the Maxi chalet version and you can find it directly in the product photos.

Is it possible to have the glass in the window?
No, it isn't. It is available only the plexiglass, which is visually identical to glass.

Is it possible to have the insulation?
No, it isn't, but you can add an additional layer of wood or plasterboard after the assembly.

Are the windows included?
If you find the window in the product photo and there is written "Fixed standard window" on the product page, then it is included. You can then change the window to opening, replace it, remove it or add others.

Do your kit also include screws?
Of course, the screws and hardware kit is always included.

Do you also provide the rental service?
No, we don't. Exclusively sale.


Is it possible to have a storage closet with inverted roof?
Yes, just reverse some pieces (side gables) during the assembly phase.


Can you tell me the price per square meter of the matchboards?
The matchboards are sold exclusively by meter on our website.

Do you have thickness greater than 2 cm?
No, we haven't. We have exclusively 2.0x15 cm matchboards.


What is primer for?
It is a product used to protect the wood, it penetrates deeply in the wood porosity, makes it waterproof and protects it from driving rain and from the attack of mold, woodworms and insects.

Do you provide wood primer service?
No, we don't, but we can provide (with surcharge) the necessary primer according to the size of the chosen product. Then the customer will apply the primer.

What kind of primer do you recommend?
Waxed water-based primer
(we recommend the purchase of our primer, as it has been tested on our wood)

How and when do I should apply the primer? Before or after the assembly?
The primer must be applied with brush or sponge on all the panels and strips BEFORE the assembly.

Can I apply the primer after assembling the house?
No, you can't, as there would remain some parts not treated with the primer and therefore at risk of woodworms, moisture, ...

Can I apply the primer only externally?
No, you can't, as if you treat only 1 side, the wood could bend, and furthermore, as mentioned before, it is partially protected.

Do you deliver to a specified floor?
No, we don't. We deliver exclusively on the road surface.


Do you deliver outside Italy?
Yes, we do. We deliver daily also throughout Europe (on estimate).

Can I be contacted by the courier before the delivery?
Of course, the call before the delivery costs + € 5,00

What are the delivery times?
The delivery times are indicated on the Shipping Methods page.
If you need urgent delivery, we recommend to contact our customer service at 0832 364481 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18.


Is it possible to have protrusions greater than 4 m?
No, it isn't. The maximum protrusion is 4 m.

Can I install roof tiles on the roof?
Our products are designed for the insertion of slate, canadian tiles or plastic tiles: a light material that does not affect the snow load resistance.


Do you do oversized gratings?
Yes, we do with surcharge.

Do you do gratings with arches?
No, we don't.

We have created a guide for our customers


What are the payment methods?

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • In installments with Findomestic in 10 or 20 months
  • Cash on delivery: we will ask a 50% deposit by bank transfer for amounts over 50 €. The remainder will be payed at the moment of the delivery. Surcharge 5 € + 3% of the remaining sum.

Can I pay the whole amount at the delivery?
It is possible only for amount under 50 €. A 50% deposit by bank transfer is always requested for higher amounts and the remaining part will be payed exclusively in cash on delivery.

Is it possible to pay the purchase in installments?
Yes, it is possible with Findomestic in 10 or 20 months.


Can you send me the paper catalog?
We do not have a paper catalog. You can see our catalog directly online on our eCommerce


Do you sell directly or do you have resellers?
We sell directly from the factory. We have no dealers or resellers to provide you the lowest price. A sales network increase the product cost.
We ship directly to the customer's home every day throughout Italy and Europe.

I am a reseller for garden products. Is it possible to buy from you?
Of course, operators in the sector can purchase from us directly. For more information visit the page Work with us.


I forgot to add the free gift. How can I do? Do I create a new order?
It is not necessary to place another order. Just contact our customer service by email or at 0832 364481 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18 and ask for the addition (as long as the order has not already been shipped).