On this page you will find the description of our 2 types of houses manufacture (in Panels and Elegance) and a wide range of accessories. Our houses are made in Italy and have a 2-year warranty for lack of conformity, pursuant to article D.Lgs. 24/02. Choosing Home Idea Italia means having the guarantee that each piece or option is always available in the future!

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Example of installation of an house in panels with wooden floor (optional) and slate roof (optional). Some models can may differ as they may have floor and roof in loose matchboards, or lower side height (in any cast is always indicated clearly on the product page).

Our customers choose the houses in panels because they are the easiest to assemble: simply place the panels side by side and screw them together.
There is a question often asked: “why should I choose a model in panels instead of a blockhouse”?

The simplicity of assembly we mentioned is certainly one of the reasons, but not the only one.

A wooden house in panels with thickness of 20 mm is sturdier (and heavier) than the corresponding 20 mm blockhouse: this is because each wall panel is equipped with a counterframe in strips useful for fixing the screws.

Last but not least reason: purchasing from an Italian manufacturer is guarantee of quality, assembly and after-sales support.

Most of the time, blockhouse models are imported from Eastern Europe Countries and every problem (for example, a damaged piece, a component to be replaced a few years after the purchase) can lead to long waits.

Our houses are EXCLUSIVELY made (with the exception of the Elegance models) with the PANELS SYSTEM, with  20 MM AUSTRIAN FIR MATCHBOARDS + 32 x 32 mm FRAME.
It is not possible to produce houses with other thicknesses and we do not manufacture custom-made houses except for a minimum quantity of 20 pieces.

The force exerted by the latter means that you will find also very large 20 mm houses in panels (for example, our maxi chalet up to 60 square meters) but in case of a large blockhouse, you will need significantly higher wood thickness with a consequent increase of the final price.

In the photo: House 330 x 318 cm double door + side canopy 318 - with more than 1 meter of snow on the roof.

Features of our product

The wood used

Home Idea Italia buys exclusively great quality FIR with PEFC certification. This certification is the guarantee that the raw material comes from forests managed in sustainable way.

Visit inside our houses in panels

* Minimum height 190 cm (except in some products, where specifically indicated)

360° Tour

Classic house: virtual tour - House Model 330 x 318 cm - 1 door and 2 windows + Optional: Floor

Maxi Chalet House: virtual tour - Size 410 x 604 cm with Optional: Floor

Base for the placement of a wooden house in panels (recommended)

We recommend a rigid base at a level greater than at least 15 cm per side compared to the BASIC size of our house.

The liquid membrane has to be spreaded under our wooden floor. It guarantees greater durability over the years as water and damp are no longer absorbed by the wood.

Available components and options

The options such as WOODEN FLOOR or WATERPROOFING can be found directly on the product page, instead PRIMER, GUTTER, WINDOWS, LIQUID MEMBRANE can be found in Accessories at the end of each product page. Visit the dedicated category to view the full range of options: WOODEN HOUSES -> ACCESSORIES


Change the height of the floor and side walls

It is possible to insert the Floor Strips Height Increase Kit with a little surcharge which allows to increase the standard height of the floor from 3,2 to 6,4 cm. View the product clicking on the button:

We can change the height of the chosen house from standard 1,9 to 2,15 or 2,30 meters (on estimate). Go to the product:

Water-based waxed primer

Our houses are made of natural fir wood. It is therefore necessary, before assembly, to treat the various components with primer.
We recommend our HOME IDEA ITALIA Color, which is tested directly in our company on our wood and approved with an excellent performance over time.We guarantee excellent quality/price ratio to our customers.
HOME IDEA ITALIA Color is water-based, waxed and penetrates deeply into the porosity of the wood, making it waterproof and protecting it from driving rain, from the attack of molds, woodworms and insects.
It does not form any film but it gives to the wood a pleasant and natural waxed effect.
It filters out ultraviolet rays and reduces the aging caused by wood degradation.
It pigments and tones the wood grains, enhancing the warm and particular charm, that only wood can give.

  • For indoor and outdoor wood (waxed effect)
  • Ready to use
  • It protects for a long time
  • It lets the wood breathe

Go to the product

Buying the accessories (primers, membrane, etc...) present in the Home Idea Italia guarantees a safe performance of the house over the years, precisely because the products have already been tested by us in our company.

How to apply primer on wood?

Simply with BRUSH or SPONGE.
You will find excellent product at discounted prices in our catalogue.

Customize the COLOR of your house

You can customize the color of your hose purchasing 1 pack of waxed primer of 0,75 lt and applying it as in the photo on the roof on the roof battens, door battens, windows, planters, etc..

House customized with main color TEAK and with WHITE finish (you can create this color combination buying 1 pack of 0,75 lt of Home Idea Italia waxed primer).

House customized with main color WHITE and with GREY finish (you can create this color combination buying 1 pack of 0,75 lt of Home Idea Italia waxed primer).

GUTTER KIT for wooden house

We can add a very easy to install gutter kit for all 2 sides of the house with a little surcharge. It decorates the house and protects the sides of the house from the weather. Go to the product:

Elegance wooden houses (system with matchboards and frames)

As indicated in the products, the Elegance houses have a different assembly system, which is not in panels. They are characterized by: loose matchboards and frames to be assembled on site.
The only products that will arrive already assembled are: the door, the gables and the frontal walls. Go to the product:

Before and after purchase support

If you like to consider carefully before making a purchase or you are afraid of making a mistake in the measurements, the new support service via WhatsApp is what you need.

We introduced it to meet the may before and after sales needs.

It is more immediate and faster than an email and it is a mean of communication appreciated from young and old people.

In the picture an example of real-time chat between our technician and a customer struggling with the assembly of a storage closet.

As you can see, calling a professional could be a hurried choice if you are at least 2 and have a screwdriver.

Using the assembly sheet and the phone support of one of our qualified technicians, the work will be within your reach.

Please, write and send us the photos at WhatsApp number 334 / 3975610, you will receive fast and professional answers. Seeing is believing.

Customize a wooden house

Do you need tu customize a wooden house, stand or garage? It is possible with us to add more windows, additional doors, side canopies, and much more...One of our technicians will guide you step by step and advise you best.

We can also provide you two products necessary for the care and the maintenance of the house: primer and liquid membrane.

The recommended liters of primer to treat the wooden house are indicated in every product at the end of the page.

We have created a wide range of Accessories to enrich and customize your purchase: shelfs kit, window planters, ventilation grids, etc... Take a look at the specific sezione for all the details.

A free gift for you

You will find a section dedicated to gifts at the bottom of the cart page. Just click on the button "Add to cart" and the product will be added to your cart for free.
EXCLUSIVE FREE GIFT FOR THE PURCHASE OF A WOODEN HOUSE OR STORAGE CLOSET (of any kind). To be installed only on our houses.

The DELIVERY of the wooden house

The houses and the various options arrive on a pallet. The courier will call you first to determine the delivery date. The delivery will be made by truck equipped with lift and trans pallet to place the house on your property. If you have any problem, our customer service is always at your disposal.

Example of a standard pallet

Delivery with transpallet and tail lift

REALIZATIONS of our customers

Find out what some of our customers have realized with Home Idea Italia products

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