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Home Idea Italia sends its products daily throughout Italy, thanks to the collaboration with the best national carriers.

 You can view the delivery status in the shipping information that we will send.

 The goods travel insured and are collected daily directly from our warehouse in the industrial area of Lecce.

 We ship also throughout Europe with shipping costs on request.



Once ready, your order will be delivered in 3-9 days

Times: 1-9 working days (in Italy)

0 - 25 €7,50 €
25 - 50 €10,00 €
50 - 100 €15,00 €
100 - 200 €25,00 €
200 - 300 €39,00 €
300 - 500 €50,00 €
500 - 1.000 €79,00 €
1.000 - 1.500 €100,00 €
1.500 - 2.000 €149,00 €
2.000 - 3.000 €199,00 €
3.000 - 4.500 €299,00 €
4.500 - 6.000 €399,00 €

Warning: For quantities of houses from 3 pieces upwards, the shipping costs have to be quoted.

Features of the Standard service:  

  • Shipping tracking by email
  • Delivery from 3 to 9 days (from the date of shipping)
  • For the delivery of bulky goods (e.g. houses) the courier will deliver to the road surface.

Features of EXPRESS service: 

  • Shipping tracking by email
  • Delivery in 1 - 3 days (from the date of shipping)
  • For the delivery of bulky goods (e.g. small houses): the courier will deliver to the road surface with a tail lift for the descent of the pallet and will be handled with a pallet truck.


A fee will be applied to shipping costs for smaller islands and disadvantaged areas, which will be quantified and communicated before placing the order in processing.

Keep in mind that in these areas, delivery times can increase compared to the standard times (see the delivery times table) from 2 to 6 days.

It is not possibile to ship with cash on delivery method in these areas.


Shippings throughout Europe on estimate
Contact our customer service


  • Shipping times (from 3 to 9 days or 1-3 days) refer exclusively to transport. Processing times must be added.
  • It is possible a delay of 1-2 days with STANDARD courier in some disadvantaged areas.


You can block the discounted price of your order with a request of delivery at a later time, giving a small deposit of 10% and the remainder before the shipping.
We recommend you to visit the dedicated reservation page


The shipping costs of the products to be purchased appear directly in the shopping cart.


You can pay with:  

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Financing with Findomestic in 10 or 20 months
  • Cash on delivery (it will be asked a deposit of 50% for orders over 50 €. The remainder on delivery.) Surcharge = +€ 5 + 3% (of the remaining 50%)


Our production and delivery times may vary in the various periods of the year. These indicated are the minimum and maximum delivery days, divided into categories.
We always suggest to call our customer service for exact times or for special urgencies.

  • + 2/9 Days for: Wooden matchboards and accessories
  • + 2/ 10 Days for: Chests, Accessories, Wood Sticks, Platform roofs, Wood grills, Planters and other small objects.
  • + 7/20 Days for: Storage closet, Wood houses, Stands, Canopies, Pergolas.
  • + 9/30 Days for: Maxi Chalet Houses
  • We can make scheduled day deliveries by contacting our customer service. 

Warning: Mandatory deliveries will not be made in the following months: August and December

* Courier delivery times:
The shippings can be subject to delays for reasons of an unexpected and unpredictable nature beyond our will (especially in August and December). In these exceptional eventualities, we will promptly notify you the reasons, while declining any responsibility for the delay that has occurred.

* Product processing times and availability:
Being manufacturers, it may happen that some products in the catalogue are in the production phase and therefore the times may be longer than those indicated in the table.
The indications on the site: "available product" and "quantity" may differ from those actually present in the warehouse, as in the daily update they may have been sold on other platforms.
We always recommend for urgent order to contact us by phone to find out the precise delivery times, which vary throughout the year.

List of disadvantaged areas

Small objects / goods with EXPRESS surcharge
(BRT / TNT / NEXIVE Carrier)

Storage closets / Wooden houses and accessories over 50 Kg (SUSA Carrier or

For any further information, please contact our customer service on 0832 364481 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18 .

Delivery of the houses

The houses travel on a single (standard) pallet and they are delivered by the courier by means of a transpallet where possibile.
 We can also arrange a delivery by appointment.
 In case of problems in receiving a large pallet from you, we can divide the components of the house in various boxes.

Visit the following page to customize the boxes of the house or the delivery:

Please, add to the cart the choices made, there is no need to add any option in the product for standard packaging and standard delivery.

For any changes of the delivery address requested after shipment, the cost of the service is € 12,50 including VAT.

Delivery times

Deliveries are made exclusively from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18.
If you choose the delivery with BRT / TNT / NEXIVE Express Carrier, we will send you a message with the tracking number with the information on the day and time of the delivery.

What to do at the moment of the delivery of the goods

When collecting goods, after checking the exact correspondence of the numbers of packages shipped in compliance with the accompanying document (DDT), please carefully check the integrity of the boxes, and if it should present slight anomalies, accept it with reserve by writing the words "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE - damaged packaging, broken pieces on sight" in the delivery note which remains to the courier.
N.B. IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO WRITE ONLY "I ACCEPT IT WITH RESERVE". It is necessary to specifically indicate the problems encountered.

If the carrier is equipped with a palmtop, in the event of damage, BEFORE SINGIN THE ACCEPTANCE, please make sure that he has entered the words SPECIFIC RESERVE and he has indicated the presence of broken pieces in sight and damaged packaging in the notes. Please, always make sure that the courier has not entered the words INTACT GOODS RESERVE, as it is a type of reserve that does NOT provide any protection in case of broken pieces.

If the packaging should show serious damage with the probability that also the content may have been damaged, we suggest you to reject the goods by placing the words "REFUSED GOODS - seriously damaged packaging" on the delivery note.

In absence of any dispute with the carrier, manifested in the ways indicated above, the goods are considered correctly delivered.

Even in the presence of intact packaging, the goods must be checked within seven days from the delivery to verify the absence of hidden anomalies which will be compulsory reported to us in writing by fax to the number 0832 1831482 or by emaill:

Any report received after 7 days from the delivery date cannot be accepted.

The customer assumes full responsibility for each declaration he makes.

Collection in the headquarters

For the collection in our headquarters, you must:

Purchase the goods on our website (We do not make direct sales in our factory)
Wait for the email where it indicates that the goods are ready.

Tax documents

All orders are accompanied by a TAX RECEIPT. In order to receive the INVOICE, you must fill in the VAT number field, which you can find in the cart when requesting the billing information or in the creation of the account in the Address section.

If you have made a reservation with a 10% deposit and remainders before the delivery, we will exclusively issue the Invoice, so you must fill in the following field during the registration.

Options with surcharge and box packaging

  • ZTL and shopping centers + € 15,00
  • For deliveries by appointment + € 5,00 (selectable directly in the cart)
  • Change of house packaging from single package to divided into various boxes (with surcharge depending on the model of house chosen)


Customer Service