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Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit
Wooden house maintenance kit

Wooden house maintenance kit

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5 Lt Primer
Spugna abrasiva



If you have purchased one of our wooden houses, you can purchase our maintenance kit which includes:

5 liters of impregnating agent (you can choose the color in the drop-down menu)

since the impregnating agent must be given exclusively in the lower part mainly in the lower part of the house, we recommend buying half of the impregnating agent purchased (e.g. 3 x 2 house with 10 liters of impregnating agent for maintenance, I purchase 5 liters, instead for houses from 2 x 2 onwards, you need to purchase the basic 5-litre package, if a little bit of color remains, it can be kept and reused the following year).

Abrasive sponge grammage 100 (2 pcs): we recommend 2 pcs in the basic kit, if the house is very damaged we recommend purchasing the higher quantity 4 pcs or you can buy other loose ones at the bottom of the page in accessories.

40 mm brush (2 pcs): ideal for giving an excellent coat of impregnating agent on the wood.

Gloves (1pc) ideal both for sanding and for impregnating.

Do you want to better protect the side parts of the shed without having to carry out more maintenance? you could buy a side gutter that protects the sides of the house by letting the water flow and protecting your base from water erosion.

How to proceed for maintenance Wooden house

1. Clean the wood with a damp sponge (especially if there is dust or dirt), let it dry thoroughly.

2. Put on gloves (provided)

3. With the abrasive sponge give a pass on each bead and strip (external), if the wood is too damaged (because you have spent many years) then you need to use a sander.

4. Once sanding is complete, remove any dust or wood residues with a cloth.

5. Carry out the treatment with the waxed water-based impregnating agent with the brush.

Warning: usually the points that get damaged most of the house are the lower part of the house and the front and back board with its central rhombus.

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