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Wooden houses with single door

Here are some examples of the realizations of our customers who have trusted us to manufacture their wooden house with single door with quality materials at the best price, which can be completely customized, from adding windows to the planters, the installation of the gutter, the color and much more.

Wooden stands

High quality wooden stands that can be customized with one or more front and side doors. They are the most used from our customers, public and private operators, for the famous markets, especially the Christmas ones.

Maxi Chalet wooden houses

Certainly it is not the classic wooden house. Maxi Chalet together with the frontal veranda and the optional extras becomes a real small mountain chalet. Fully customizable externally and internally, it is created with a panels system in order to facilitate the assembly.

Wooden storage closets with 20 mm matchboards, very sturdy and easy to assemble, as they are created with the panel system.

The double doors allow a greater entrance space, ideal for storing the tools and the machinery for arranging the garden, but also for the outdoor sofas, that must be stored in a covered place in the winter season. You will find in these photos some creations of our customers with the house of Home Idea Italia.

We manufacture a wide range of leaned houses. Here are are some photos of the houses realized from our customers.

A wide range of wooden garages, from the small ones to large sizes that allow the entry of the car. Here you can fine the photos of some customers realizations.

A wide range of wooden cabins and changing rooms

We manufacture a wide range of houses with woodshed, 2 separate rooms, which are very comfortable for managing wood and the garden.

Elegance wooden houses

The Elegance wooden house represent the evolution of the Blockhouse system, thanks to its panels to be made with matchboards to be inserted inside a sturdy frame.
Easy to assemble. Modern and refined design. Here you can find some realizations of our customers.

Wooden stalls

Wooden stalls created with pre-assembled panels, easy to assemble for fairs or events.
Easy to assemble and realized with pre-assemble panels, considerably more robust than the traditional markets stalls. Here are some realizations of our customers.
Home Idea Italia has a wide range of kit structures as canopies, pergolas and platform roofs. Here are some photos of the realizations of our customers with the Home Idea Italia kits.


We have a wide range of accessories for wooden houses, but also for home and garden. Here are some examples.
Note: The following photos are realizations of our customer with the products in assembly kit of Home Idea Italia, some details may differ for any customization made by the customer. We invite you to always view the standard product by clicking on the photo. If you need any further information, our customer service is at your disposal.