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It is also possible to purchase your order on WWW.HOMEIDEASHOP.IT by installments with FINDOMESTIC.

In a few clicks you can make your request for financing in the way you prefer.


  • INSTALLMENTS : 10 months (minimum amount € 400,00) or 20 months (minimum amount € 800,00)
  • AMOUNTS: the installment payment is available only for amounts from € 400 up to € 5000
  • RATE: TAN 0.00% - TAEG from 5,68% up to 14,46% (depending on the amount financed)

Installments simulation

On each product page (on products that exceed € 400), you can find a Findomestic prospectus about the product amount and the possibility of financing in 10 or 20 months (they will appear depending on the minimum amounts). Clicking on Credit information, another Findomestic screen will appear, where there will be the exact calculations.


eCommerce purchases with Findomestic

Requested documents

  • Front/back copy of the identity document;
  • Copy of the tax code;
  • Copy of the last paycheck or last tax return;
  • Iban code for charging the installments.

After completing the form, Findomestic will return one of these answers in real time:

  • Pre-accepted file and then taken over by Findomestic
  • Rejected file

In case of pre-accepted file, you can directly upload online the documents required for the digital signature.

As soon as Findomestic has verified you documents, you will be notified by email the outcome of the file.

If you entered everything correctly on Findomestic website, you will be able to access the to check the progress of the file.

The product will be shipped within the scheduled times from the definitive confirmation by Findomestic Spa, therefore if at the time of the order the product is available, it cannot be put aside pending the final approval.

Customer Service