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Choosing the right grating for your terrace or garden is a very important thing. If we buy very fragile gratings, how can you think they will resist wind and bad weather?

We put a sturdy 4.5x4.5 cm frame in our products. In fact, it holds the grating together and is the part we will fix to the support poles.

When installing wooden gratings, we must first take the total measurement, since depending on the gratings, we choose whether to divide it or leave it as a whole.

Keep in mind that a 2 m wall-to-wall grating can be fixed directly from the frame with the screws and anchors (but you need to see the conditions of the wall) or, if you want a more refined solution, you can install 2 poles, for example 7x7 cm left and right on the wall, piercing the pole and then inserting the grating, obviously reducing the 14cm.

Many times our customers ask us: At what height is it better to keep the gratings? Usually the best selling gratings for installation on the parapet are 75 or 90 cm. This is because if we add the 90 cm or 100 cm of the parapet + 75 or 90 cm of height of the grating, we will be well screened.

If, on the other hand, you have to use them as divider, we suggest you the 150/175 cm.

As producers, we can create gratings as long as you want with a little surcharge indicated in the product page. If you need a size of 118x85 cm in height, you can buy then 120x90 cm and we will put it into production with the required size.

Grating with support poles 7x7 cm, impregnated white.

The other question that customer often ask us is : What is needed to install the gratings?

  • Support poles (especially if it is an important height). We recommend the size 7x7 cm
  • U-brackets to install the poles on the sill (available with U-bracket or also a version with base that increase the anchorage and the resistance, but the installation depends very much on the size of the wall you have)
  • Screws (for our customer who buy Poles + Brackets and Gratings = the fixing kit for cement is free)

Tips and errors to avoid

When installing brackets on the wall for the insertion of the pole, always check by moving the bracket strongly whether it moves or not: if it moves, it means that the screws have not taken well and therefore must be reinserted. For example, it may happen that there are perforated bricks, in which specific products must be inserted.

  • Error in the picture: Frame flush with the sill. Always leave 5 cm in height from the grating to the sill, both for the cleaning and because it would always remain water and therefore it would soon ruin the wooden frame.
  • Always impregnate the poles and the grating in all their parts before the assembly (never after!). We suggest you to use a water-base waxed primer.

If it is a very windy area, you should consider the installation of poles in the inner side of the parapet in all its height. So you have to consider the wall for the measurement (for example, 90 o 100 cm) plus the height of the grating (usually 75 or 90 cm).

If you need further information or advice, our technical team is at your disposal! We insert the link in our products, so you can view our prices and sizes: our products are fully manufactured in Italy with direct warranty as we are manufacturers.

Custom-made gratings

It is possible to create custom-made gratings or to reduce a standard grating to the desired size. For example, if you need a 45x120 cm grating, you will buy the standard size and write 40x100 cm in the note. The piece will be created custom-made with a little surcharge, but the delivery could have a delay if 1/3 days.

Gratings ready for the shipping to the customer (before the packing phase)

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